Friday, September 17, 2010

Mountain Biking For Losing Weight

By Christopher Morris

Riding a mountain bike is one of the great outdoor recreational activities. Whether you are a novice who simply enjoys spinning down the local fitness trail or the experienced rider who likes to tackle the big cross country rides, mountain biking is great for getting in shape and losing weight.

Mountain bikes are typically used for off-road adventures. They have fat knobby tires making it perfect for riding down forest service roads, tight singletrack or local recreational paths. Mostly they are more comfortable than the typical road bike and are durable for handling the bumps that are common on most trails.

Because these cycles are more accessible to more people they can be a great tool for helping them lose weight. People that are comfortable and having fun are more likely to continue the activity. If they are moving then they will certainly be burning calories and unwanted pounds. Cycling requires the rider to develop stamina, muscle strength and cardiovascular conditioning which are all important aspects for weight loss. The more you ride the better your fitness becomes.

Mountain biking can actually be considered more rigorous than road cycling particularly as you become more advanced on the trails. The roughness of the trail require the rider to be fit and coordinated as they negotiate over roots, rocks, bumps, creeks and other objects found on the trail. This develops your leg muscles as well as your core. Your cardiovascular system on a tough trail is fully engaged as your heart rate is increased to get you up the mountain. It is fantastic exercise and one that will have the rider burning enormous amounts of calories and getting in shape.

Beginners will have to take it easy at first as their fitness will not be at a level that will allow them to ride the big hills for a couple of hours. It takes time to build up to that kind of fitness level. There are many people that would simple rather ride on the local rail-to-trails flat terrain. Whatever they decide to ride they will be getting fit and losing weight. At some point many beginners enjoy riding so much that bike upgrades are made and more difficult trails are ridden. These are the folks that find themselves with increasing fitness levels.

Mountain biking is a great way to achieve weight loss. The bike is adaptable to most any terrain the rider is willing to ride. This will keep them interested and having fun as well as getting fit and losing weight.

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