Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Bunny Hop on Your Bike

The Bunny Hop on Your Bike
By []James M.

The bunny hop stands at the basis of numerous BMX tricks. Someone does a bunny hop when they jump gradually, not at once. A lot of beginners make mistakes and lift both of their wheels at once.

The bunny hop consists of three moves. One of them is about lifting your front wheel, then you move on to lifting your back wheel and, last but not least, you have to sit tight and push your bicycle forward. At first, it doesn't really matter how far away you jump as long as you make the right move. In time, you will succeed in jumping further. So, you want to jump over a kerb or over an obstacle and the main idea is to lift your front wheel so that it overcomes the obstacle without leaning backwards.

You have to lift the handlebar to your abdomen and your feet need to be parallel with the ground. Once you have reached the proper height, you have to lift your back wheel. If you want to lift your bike even more, you have to sit tight and push your bicycle forward. Your back wheel has to be very close to your buttocks and so, your bunny hop is higher. Once you have learned this move, all you need to do is to practise it. In the beginning, you should try jumping over small boxes and then move on to bigger ones.

This is a very interesting trick you can do, so learn it and feel the satisfaction you get for doing something interesting with your bike.

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